• How was the course format?

The course was very nice and very easy to follow. I liked the way this class was set up. The only thing I would change is maybe a few more reminders about when assignments are due but other than that I really enjoyed it.

  • How was journaling every week?

I liked it alot. It gave me a chance to really think in a way that I don’t normally get to do and I feel like I benefited it a ton. I like how much writing practice we got in as well.

  • How was writing for a public audience?

It was kind of nerve racking but other than that I liked it. It is out there forever now lol. It was funny that video we made got shared with my fraternity so now I catch some jokes but it was fun to do.

  • How did you grow?

I grew with more knowledge on the media aspect of how to edit and do things on the computer. I have never had that opportunity to learn until this course and I think it gives me hope on how to just learn things from instruction instead of having someone constantly showing you. It helped me a lot as a student.


This one will a few steps but I will document my day of how finals are going and then submit it. I will show the routine of how my day starts and ends and how class is all going and the twists and turns. I think that would be the most creative and different thing I have done for a class like this. I think it will also give me a different prospective on how to view my day and see it from stepping back.

I will use silent film studio and put together a short video of it all.


I made this domain freshman year and forgot I had it until this semester. I really actually find this one more useful and more private than any of the other domains or anything we have used before and I really honestly like this one. I think this will help me get ready for the real world and really helps me relieve stress by blogging into this website. I like the fact that I can do this and learn more about the online stuff because i’m not the tech kind of guy and this stuff is all kind of new to me. This website has really helped me though in the long run.

growing up

How I grew and what I learned in this class is that online classes are not as fun as they seem.. I have found myself learning the material and enjoying it don’t get me wrong but the thing I find the hardest was finding the motivation to actually do it. Time management was defiantly learned in this class and as I write this blog post which I thought was due tonight and not last night I found that I constantly need to check my due dates and the actually dates. I really think this class has given me a new prospective on how things should be in college and not just handed out.. This class made me realize if I want to pas I need to check my stuff.

FINAL brand draft

This was a really cool experience that I got to do this. My buddy Jake Hobbs is the one who helped me and we got to work together doing it. I liked learning how to edit the video and add music and change the lighting. This is something that will help me in the long run. It took me a week to come up with what I was going to do and I got the filming and editing done thusday afternoon.  This was defiantly one of the more fun projects to do and I got to do some research on my favorite lacrosse company that I actually use today at OU. I liked how the challenge was what we wanted to do because I think it gives us plenty of time and motivation to knock it out.


During this process, I was asked to pick a company I was passionate about and I chose a company that helped me with lacrosse. I responded to this by researching and finding the things I was passionate about and loving them. Writing the script and thinking about what I was supposed to do was very difficult but I decided to keep it simple. I haven’t started filming yet because of the guys I am using won’t be back on campus until next week because they play lacrosse here at OU with me. I am very excited to get this edited and layed out.


#1).  The brand is for STX lacrosse, a brand based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Two kids are playing catch outside when one of them begins to struggle passing the ball. In the set of a really nice house and yard the kid puts down his “X” brand stick and picks up and STX Lacrosse stick and begins throwing perfect passes and shooting 100%. The idea is that STX will improve your skills.

#2). The brand is for Nike. With Under Armour taking over college football this commercial will feature trophies and players and programs that are elite compared to the schools repped by Under Armour showing that Nike is engineered for champions.

#3). The brand is for iPhone. 2 guys wondering around the desert when one guy pulls out his Galaxy Note and tries to call a ride. After 3 attempts he gives up and throws it in the sand. The second guy begins to pull out his brand new iPhone 7 and on the first ring gets someone. The point is that Apple products are more reliable than the other brands.

Sprite Campaign ad

  • Why does the business exist? During the 1960’s, Coca-cola developed their own lemon lime cola campaign to rival 7-UP and their success. This was not usual because they were known for their dark cola.
  • Do you know the business history? With 7 up being so successful, Coke had to come back and develop their own form of this lemon lime soda. Today Sprite is the biggest seller in the lemon lime soda brand.
  • What is your company mission? The company’s main goals are to deliver a clear lemon lime soda that is refreshing and tasteful. The new campaign is trying to tap into the new millennial group and deviate them from “Grandfathers” soda. 
  • Can you identify the core brand values? Keeping close relations with their companies image. Lebron James has been with Sprite since 2003 and they claim loyalty and flexibility helps them today.
  • How do the customers feel? What keeps them coming back is the success of the campaign. The “Wanna sprite” movement has made people feel like its a choice to drink it, not told to. I really agree with this and honestly the customers show that sprite is the #1 lemon-lime soda.



In this doc I show you the new oil release smell good device I just bought and I show you how to use it. It is a very simple concept but I really think it is a cool deal and wanted to show you guys.



With the current election consuming the media, It was a no brainer that I would do mine over the political views. I really feel like I strive when it comes to public speaking and I really enjoy learning new things. This assignment also forced me to turn on the news and see what was going on in today’s world and to find something worth giving a PSA about.