• What value do you see in tools like the Facebook and Twitter ad tools where you can quickly determine a market?
  • - Everyone and their dog uses social media to look things up in their every day lives. Attacking a certain market and narrowing the audience really helps people find what they are looking for.
  • Did your market size surprise you at all?
  • - Not really. Working with this market for so long, I have really gotten to see how affective it really is.
  • Did doing a market analysis change your perspective on the appropriate messaging?
  • - Yes and No. With the type of business I run It really is a trial and error run and really comes down to inconsistency in the market. The two markets however, are very different anyway.
  • How would you evaluate the effectiveness of a social media advertisement campaign? What is success?
  • - Yes. Very successful! This type of media really grabs the every day person whether it be on their smart phone or the fact they hear about it through a friend but at the end of the day a google search or any search pulls up our ads.
  • How do the affordances and limitations of social media design (character limits, types or artwork) change your design process?
  • - If we want to get more out there then it becomes harder to when we get limited. Sometimes its hard to say all you want in 140 characters or its hard to grab the attention of the audience with a certain design.


oh you LIKE that?

What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign?

A: The brand is a Defense attorney firm “The defender” located in Norman, OK. The objective of “The defender” brand is to create awareness for teens and college students who may come across trouble and need legal representation.

What is the headline of the ad (limit 25 characters)?

A: “BUSTED. Are you in trouble with the law? Call Andrew Ousley at 405-760-8203 for a free consolation. Lets make sure that getting in trouble is NOT THE CASE.

What is the text of the ad (limit 90 characters)?

A: “The Defender” specializes in giving everyone a fair chance if you stub your toe with the law. Located in Norman, OK our attorneys will make sure that you get off scotch free and to make sure this does not cloud your future.

What is the potential artwork?

A:  The art work that I would design to use is a Dark figure similar to batman to give the illusion of “The defender”. This would be a separate brand than the law firm in general. This brand would sponsor date parties, koozies, whistles, books etc. This would be the promotion side for the firm similar to “The DUI defender” here in Norman at the attorney’s office of Andrea Worden that I currently work for as a marketing assistant.

How did you determine this and did you use demographic, interest, keyword, or username targeting?

A: I determined that the audience would be anyone who needs legal council especially here in the OKC/Norman metro area. I would also try to reach other towns such as Lawton, Edmond, Tulsa, and other small towns in the state.

What is the budget?

A: I would go with a $10,000 budget to start with just to make sure I don’t spend too much. Koozies and promotions and radio time would be where most of the money is spent however, Hiring a marketing director for the firm would be the most beneficial.


What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign?

A: The brand that I am going to be promoting is “Flavor Shavers Snow”. This is a locally owned snow cone shop that’s objective is to provide the student of Oklahoma and the locals of Norman a refreshing frozen treat that is open through the months of April- October.

What is the headline of the ad (limit 25 characters)?

A: “Flavor Shavers shaved ice. A fast, affordable, frozen treat. Where frozen meets flavor.”

What is the text of the ad (limit 90 characters)?

A: “Flavor Shavers located on the beautiful campus corner of Norman, OK offers fun and exciting frozen treats that can be eaten on the patio or on the go. Whether you’re on your way home from work or you’re looking for a fun flirty date, Flavor Shavers has everything to satisfy YOUR sweet tooth.”

What is the Call-to-action button (i.e. Get Directions)

A: Located at Boyd and Asp just north of the University of Oklahoma student union.

What is the potential artwork?

A: (Here is the actual sign I painted when I was 16. Flavor Shavers is a real snow cone stand we owned and operated in NWOKC.)flavor-shavers


What is the budget?

A: Our budget for the summer months is $20,000. With this budget this includes Blocks of Ice, Flavoring, sugar, Salary, Rent, AC, Electric, and water. This was a similar budget for the snow cone stand I owned and managed.

Da Final Countdown

With the other deadlines and currently sitting in a hotel in downtown Dallas, the biggest thing I struggled with was the idea of the brands. I wanted to make the same brand but I felt going with two advertisements. This was a project that will help me down the road but I feel like this was fairly difficult. My favorite one is the Subway ad. Baker Mayfield throwing a sub came out very well and I like the sonic one but Subway is my favorite. I really like the idea of fast food and how it applies to games days and such. This was by far my favorite project we have done so far as well as online courses.

sonic and subway

I decided to change the whole ad because I felt the football one isn’t strong enough.

Subway: With this ad, I went with Baker Mayfield (Of course) after this weekend win at TCU. Subway is a quick fast food sub shop that is always throwing money into sports because when you are on the time crunch you need something fast. Subway has great deals and combos that makes it very affordable and with a sooner victory, why not celebrate it with a 6 dollar sub?

Sonic: This place is a home grown fast food chain and of course most people have played either a Nintendo 64 or a Play station and Sonic the hedge hog is know for being fast and agile. The colors just pop and with Sonic holding “Sonic” this ad really hits the aspect of fast, energetic, and awesome.

BALL OR “Football”

The picture that I chose to make is “ball” and “football”. I think that it is so odd that it is called football anyway.. but I feel like football is a good one because a lot of people understand what it is especially at our school here at OU. I believe also that it is the way to connect to someone you don’t really know. If you posted about “Cricket” in Oklahoma people would look at you crazy but since Football is very prevalent then it allows people to relate to your piece. This was a lot of fun making especially adding the sandals to it. I feel like that sandals or flip-flops represent me well so I feel like it is my own touch to it. Keep calm and boomer sooner!



This my favorite and with the help of my sister I was able to make a new batman movie poster. My favorite character is the joker but I really enjoy the movies. This one was very hard and I had the most difficulties with it. I thought this was beneficial to the course learning indesign.

the dark Knight



This was a bit more difficult however, I used the picture of my buddy playing lacrosse and went ahead and edited the words around him.  The photoshop was one of the more difficult parts of editing but once I figured out indesign it became pretty easy. I really enjoyed this project and  the challenge it offered.

Backstreets Back?

backstreet-boys-1Here in this one you can really see who the backstreet boys got their career from. The reason I chose this awesome boy band is because of my childhood. Growing up music has changed so much but this reminds me of when I was younger and when things were simpler. Turning on music that is a blast from the past really allows everyone to “Rock their body” and get funky. This is a great picture and now that I know how to do it, I can do it with other pictures as well. I would have done KISS because lets be honest, KISS is the original boy band.