This was one of my favorites. I was sitting in class and my buddy had just gotten back from the beach in florida so I thought what better photo than this one. I have never really been great with things on a computer so this assignment helped me step out of my comfort zone and really tackle something I have never done. The image with the filter really pops now and I think that it is so cool how people can do this professionally. When I got into Gaylord, I was nervous because  of these kind of projects but now I have another skill in my pocket. I really look forward to working more with Photoshop and other editing tools.


Something that has always bothered me is a soccer ball and a football. I think we should officially rename a soccer ball to a “Futbol” here in the USA. Nothing is more frustrating than having a sport named something that honestly doesn’t make sense. I would also rename hockey to “Savagery”. If you know any hockey players then you would understand why I would name it that. However, if you don’t ill explain why. These guys are crazy and they have missing teeth. They skate around on knives and wear no face masks even though they shoot a puck of solid rubber over 100 mph. The 3rd and last thing I would change is cheerleading. I would rename it “Encouragement Teams”. These women go out and support all sports so why not right?

Why you should try.

Buying my car? Simple. The reason you should buy my car is because it is one of a kind. This 2008 Jeep Liberty has been through it all and is still Funky fresh. Yes, it is a Srat mobile however, this thing does it all. It has a great sound system, plenty of room, and goes off road. Have you ever bumped great tunes while going off-roading? Well now YOU can with the purchase of my Jeep. It is everything you could want in a car and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be driving that bad boy home today. Thats why YOU should try.

MY Back pack.

In my back pack I keep an assorted amount of things. However, I would say my favorite thing is my black ball point pen. This is what makes or breaks my day on how well I take notes. The way I write with the ink is very different than any other pen. It just feels different. If I use any other pen I feel as if my handwriting is not a neat or clean and I feel like I don’t get the full experience of the class. I am just OCD about that stuff. The pain this pen alleviates is the pain of uncertainty. I feel like in class you have to write so fast and explain everything in your notes and with this ball point pen it allows me to express my notes in a quick and neat manner and thats what separates it from any other pen that I have in my back pack.

Font size does matter.

The first game I played was “Type connection”. What I thought was cool about this game was that you pick a font and then try to find one that is “Compatible” for them to date. The first try I ended up getting it right however, it could be extremely difficult. Crazy to think that there are many careers that train people to look in the differences in font and the similarities. The second game I played was “Type War”. I really actually enjoyed that one because of the differences that get pointed out that you don’t really see when you are typing a paper or when you’re typing in general. Finally, I played the movie poster quiz. What I liked about this game was that it showed that font really does play into the personality of things. The way someone writes or types really adds character to what is being said similar to how we speak. I really do like the way Typography plays into the idea of expression.

Feelings through Photography


To start off this blog I would first like to touch on the color concept of the south oval. This picture was taken a few weeks ago with my cell phone and what stood out to me when I began to take the picture is how the red from the flowers draws you to the middle of the image. It gives this whole image a centrally located point of view that allows the picture to really pop and grab the viewers attention. With football season right around the corner, it really gives students a comfortable feeling and a welcoming vibe.



This picture I took a few days ago in Northwest Oklahoma City when I went home to see my family. This one field really stood out to me because it is a quarter section piece of land that has one lonely tree in the middle of it. The time of the picture was close to sundown so the sun was illuminating the incoming storm as well as highlighting the grass. The colors really pop because they are not all the same. I would also say that the tree in the picture does a great job of bringing this unity. With it being a focal point in the field, I feel it really unifies the sky and the earth as a lonely object. This also stood out to me as a symbol of hope and happiness. After a long and hot summer, this lonely tree with stood the rigorous heat and stayed plenty hydrated. I also admire the balance that this tree gives the picture. It also allows the viewer to draw to the middle and allows everything else to equally show around it. This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken. The tree just shows utter dominance with it being the only tree in the picture.

This external link expresses many of the same feelings as this tree portrays.

About me

I am Andrew Ousley from Edmond, OK and I have 2 siblings. I come from a very loving family who has motivated me to do the best I can. I am a believer in the christian faith and was raised in many different churches which played a positive affect on me. In my time at OU, I have played Lacrosse and joined a fraternity. I am obsessed with Law and look forward to becoming a Lawyer one day. My motivation is the thought of knowing that this is all just part of the process. This is my motivation so I can say ” I made it”. Design fits in every aspect and will continue to only grow in the next years. I am so pumped to take your course.