What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign?

A: The brand that I am going to be promoting is “Flavor Shavers Snow”. This is a locally owned snow cone shop that’s objective is to provide the student of Oklahoma and the locals of Norman a refreshing frozen treat that is open through the months of April- October.

What is the headline of the ad (limit 25 characters)?

A: “Flavor Shavers shaved ice. A fast, affordable, frozen treat. Where frozen meets flavor.”

What is the text of the ad (limit 90 characters)?

A: “Flavor Shavers located on the beautiful campus corner of Norman, OK offers fun and exciting frozen treats that can be eaten on the patio or on the go. Whether you’re on your way home from work or you’re looking for a fun flirty date, Flavor Shavers has everything to satisfy YOUR sweet tooth.”

What is the Call-to-action button (i.e. Get Directions)

A: Located at Boyd and Asp just north of the University of Oklahoma student union.

What is the potential artwork?

A: (Here is the actual sign I painted when I was 16. Flavor Shavers is a real snow cone stand we owned and operated in NWOKC.)flavor-shavers


What is the budget?

A: Our budget for the summer months is $20,000. With this budget this includes Blocks of Ice, Flavoring, sugar, Salary, Rent, AC, Electric, and water. This was a similar budget for the snow cone stand I owned and managed.