oh you LIKE that?

What is the brand and what is the objective of the campaign?

A: The brand is a Defense attorney firm “The defender” located in Norman, OK. The objective of “The defender” brand is to create awareness for teens and college students who may come across trouble and need legal representation.

What is the headline of the ad (limit 25 characters)?

A: “BUSTED. Are you in trouble with the law? Call Andrew Ousley at 405-760-8203 for a free consolation. Lets make sure that getting in trouble is NOT THE CASE.

What is the text of the ad (limit 90 characters)?

A: “The Defender” specializes in giving everyone a fair chance if you stub your toe with the law. Located in Norman, OK our attorneys will make sure that you get off scotch free and to make sure this does not cloud your future.

What is the potential artwork?

A: ┬áThe art work that I would design to use is a Dark figure similar to batman to give the illusion of “The defender”. This would be a separate brand than the law firm in general. This brand would sponsor date parties, koozies, whistles, books etc. This would be the promotion side for the firm similar to “The DUI defender” here in Norman at the attorney’s office of Andrea Worden that I currently work for as a marketing assistant.

How did you determine this and did you use demographic, interest, keyword, or username targeting?

A: I determined that the audience would be anyone who needs legal council especially here in the OKC/Norman metro area. I would also try to reach other towns such as Lawton, Edmond, Tulsa, and other small towns in the state.

What is the budget?

A: I would go with a $10,000 budget to start with just to make sure I don’t spend too much. Koozies and promotions and radio time would be where most of the money is spent however, Hiring a marketing director for the firm would be the most beneficial.

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