• What value do you see in tools like the Facebook and Twitter ad tools where you can quickly determine a market?
  • - Everyone and their dog uses social media to look things up in their every day lives. Attacking a certain market and narrowing the audience really helps people find what they are looking for.
  • Did your market size surprise you at all?
  • - Not really. Working with this market for so long, I have really gotten to see how affective it really is.
  • Did doing a market analysis change your perspective on the appropriate messaging?
  • - Yes and No. With the type of business I run It really is a trial and error run and really comes down to inconsistency in the market. The two markets however, are very different anyway.
  • How would you evaluate the effectiveness of a social media advertisement campaign? What is success?
  • - Yes. Very successful! This type of media really grabs the every day person whether it be on their smart phone or the fact they hear about it through a friend but at the end of the day a google search or any search pulls up our ads.
  • How do the affordances and limitations of social media design (character limits, types or artwork) change your design process?
  • - If we want to get more out there then it becomes harder to when we get limited. Sometimes its hard to say all you want in 140 characters or its hard to grab the attention of the audience with a certain design.


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